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Online Casino Bonus - Types of casino bonuses
 To be honest, the bonus is one of the main features and reasons why people often prefer to gamble online rather than at their local casino. Big online casino bonuses are not uncommon, but as everything in life - there is no free lunch here, well, sort of. Let me explain in more detail:

 Every UK online casino offers a bonus for new customers, this is a fact. Some are big, some are smaller, but you will have the chance to get some free quid either way. So let's look at the different types of casino bonuses in order to distinguish the better offers. There are two kinds of online casino bonuses, depending on the method for calculating the bonus:

  •  The percentage bonus - this is the most common form the casino bonus takes, follow the link to read our full explanation of the percentage bonus. It is calculated as a percentage of the initial deposit a customer makes at the UK online casino. For example, if the casino advertises it's bonus as 100% on your first deposit, it means that it would match your deposit with the same amount of free money, effectively doubling your bankroll.
  •  The money bonus - unlike the percentage bonus, the money bonus is not calculated based on your deposit amount. Instead the online casino gives new players a certain amount of money if conditions of the bonus are met. This often takes the form of free money, no deposit required. Very few online casinos in the UK offer this type of bonus, mostly due to the large number of fraud associated with it. We know of one good online casino welcoming UK players that offers a decent no deposit bonus - click here to get 32 at this casino absolutely free.

 No matter which of the to types of online casino bonuses you choose, there are terms and conditions that must be met before being able to withdraw your winnings. It's very important that you read the conditions of the bonus offers before taking advantage of them and, yes, you can opt out against taking a bonus if you think the play-through requirements are too hard to meet. We have explained play-through requirements for bonuses at this casino guide update. For now one needs to realize that taking the percentage bonus at the online casinos comes with the requirement for deposit of real money, while the money bonus does not, but it's nearly impossible to find for new players. Once you have established yourself as a good casino customer, the online casino management will often offer you free money bonuses.

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