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UK man jailed over online casino fraud
 Andrei Osipau, the man who defrauded UK online casinos using fake identities, has been sentenced to 3 years behind bars. He was sentenced following guilty pleas on five counts of fraud, eight counts on possession of articles for use in fraud and one count of transferring criminal property.

 The bizarre case began when a UK online casino received two passports with different information but with the picture of the same person. The online casino that began to unravel the doings of Andrei Osipau remains unnamed in this case. The online casino reported this strange matter to the UK Gambling Commission, which in turn alerted the Gaming Unit and along with the Project Amberhill and the UK Gambling Commission  and investigation was quickly opened and the culprit was apprehended.

 In his apartment the police discovered thousands of photocopies of passports and other items which are used to identify a person to the online casinos management. It was also discovered that Osipau has taken in over 80,000 in the form of online casino bonuses, which was the main point of his scam. As many of our readers know, the online casinos offer large bonuses to new customers and the UK man was using the fake identities to open new accounts at various online casinos and take advantage of those generous bonus offers.


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