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Mac online casinos - find casino for Apple OS X
 It's no secret that the Apple computer products are selling amazingly well, not only in the UK, but world-wide. And with so many computers using Apple's proprietary operating system (OS X), more and more people want to play online casinos on their Macs. And if one browses the forums and other online gambling communities, questions such as "do online casinos run on Apple's OS?" or " will this casino run on my Mac?" are all over the place.

 It's a bit surprising that so many Mac owners are searching for answers whether the online casino they've chosen would work on their OS X computers. Rest assured, depending on the gambling software developer, most of the online casinos support the Apple OS X and will work on your Mac computers. There are few exceptions, but those are proprietary casinos, all of the UK online casinos listed on our website work with the Apple computers.

 The misinformation that the online casinos don't work on Macs was started a long time ago and it was wrong then as it is now. The downloadable version of the casinos work just fine on Apple's computers and operating system, the only part of the online casinos that don't work for people using Apple OS X are the "no-download" version of the internet casino. The reason why the no-download instant play casinos don't work on Mac is very familiar to the Apple products owners - those casinos use Flash to offer its customers an in-browser online casino and as we all know - Apple is firmly against Flash and allowing this tool to run on their OS X operating system.

 That's why until Apple decides to allow Flash to run on their browser, owners of Macs and other Apple products are truly out of luck, but only as far as the no-download versions of the casinos are concerned. Mac owners can still download and play the full version of all UK online casinos we have listed on our website without a problem. Simply visit our home page to see the casinos, they all work on Apple's Macs and OS X computers.


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