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European Commission speaks again Germany online gambling law
 The European Union via the European Commission is criticizing the new online gambling law proposed in Germany, fearing the changes are not really helping the Union come together on such a small issue as online gambling, raising fears that it demonstrates the lack of unity in the EU.

 At this point all 16 German states hold monopoly over online gambling, but last year 15 of them backed up a law that would allow a certain number of internet gambling licensees to operate in those states. Among them would be also many of the UK online casino and betting companies, such as Betfair and Bwin. The European Commission however is condemning the fact that the German states have not provided any evidence to back up claims that online gambling could have certain negative impacts, such as money laundering and gambling addiction.

 The Commission also warned that it could take legal action against Germany if the online gambling law proves to be too restrictive to foreign companies, creating effective monopoly for Germany and German-based casino operators.


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