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Cheating online casino - Are online casinos cheating you
 The question of whether the online casinos cheat or not has been asked many times and the short answer of the cheating online casino question is both yes and no. We know, this sounds very vague and confusing, but please read further, as the answer to the online casino cheating is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no.

 Let's start with the "yes", since the chances are you've stumbled onto this article after having suspicions of a cheating online casino. Unfortunately for the internet gambler, there are plenty of online casinos which sole existence is based on cheating players out of their money. If you look on the internet as a one big city, in this city there are plenty of bad people who would love to swindle you out of your quid. You wouldn't invest your money with someone who you just met out on the street, without knowing anything about their reputation.

 The same applies to the online casinos - websites like ours are always keeping a pulse on the gambling industry and in our case we are so cautious that we list and recommend only a very small number of UK online casinos, those we know are really top notch and have been so for many years. This is where the "no" comes to the answer of cheating online casinos. If you have selected to play at one of the online casinos we list on our website - rest assured, you are not being cheated by the casino!

 That's why doing a bit of research always helps in the long run with the online gambling websites. If we ever recommended a casino that would cheat the customers - we would lose instant credibility and no one would take our recommendations seriously. The same is true for the opposite scenario - people know that we would never send them after a bad online casino and have no problem patronizing the casinos we list and even recommend us to their friends as the experts of UK online casino gambling (thanks for the many emails, btw).

 Thus, is you are looking for online casinos that will not cheat you out of your hard earned money or keep your winnings with some bogus excuse, visit any of the UK casinos we stand behind. If you simply jump at the first online casino you saw on the search engines - don't blame anyone but yourself if you suspect that the online casino is cheating.


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